About the site

I would like to start off by Thanking you for stopping by. I thought this would be a good way to get what I have on my store out there so other people can see it, than them looking all over google to find it.

I will be showing the products that are in my store to you, you can comment to tell me what you think could have been changed or that you like it the way it is.

I just opened up the store about 3 months ago and already have over 50 people that have requested custom orders because of the prices and because there is always some kind of sale going on.

When sales come up you are the first to know. Because I will be posting what you need at check out.

To get more updates on my store please feel free to become a Fan on the store. Plus follow me on here. Also so please check the links at the bottom of the page there is TONS of things you would love to see there also!!!

Thanks again for stopping by
Crystal aka Babydoll

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